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Insurance Claims Advocacy Services

Helping our clients better manage the claims process

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Insurance Claim Advocacy

What Is Claims Advocacy?

We assist our clients in navigating the claims process with their insurance carrier to achieve the best outcome possible. As your agent, we can explain the claims process, communicate with your carriers, and help facilitate a resolution.

An insurance claim isn’t always routine. Sometimes there are unique cases that are hard to understand and therefore your business could benefit from the support of an agent who understands the process. In those cases, it’s beneficial to find support through licensed insurance agents who understand the process and can act as your business’s advocate.

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How Can Claims Advocacy Help Your Business?

Many businesses don’t know where to start when an accident or other incident results in an insurance claim. When a claim occurs, it’s a stressful situation for everyone involved. We are available to help guide you through the process. The Winooski Insurance Agency team includes a licensed insurance adjuster who can provide support for difficult claims on your behalf.

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Are You Having Trouble With The Claims Process?

If your business is having trouble navigating the claims process, one of our team members can help you:

  • Report a claim through proper channels
  • Interpret insurance coverage
  • Understand and relay next steps
  • Communicate with your insurance carrier
  • Understand and relay updates
  • Work towards a resolution

These are some examples, among others, of how Winooski Insurance Agency can provide claims advocacy support to your business.

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Claims Advocacy Resources

Winooski Insurance Agency has a library of claims advocacy assets that we provide our clients who are researching or starting an insurance claim. These tools and resources may be used as guides to proactively protect your business and lower the risk of insurance claim events. Some examples of these resources are:

These resource documents are meant for informational purposes only and do not replace the provisions of your insurance contracts. If you would like further assistance, reach out to one of our licensed insurance agents for more information.

What Types Of Insurance Should Your Business Consider?

Business Owner's

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General Liability Insurance

Protect your business from common third-party injuries, damages, and risks.
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Commercial Auto Insurance

Safeguard your business-owned and operated vehicles from accidents and lawsuits.
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Commercial Property Insurance

Protect your company's property and inventory from damage or destruction.
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Workers' Compensation Insurance

If you have employees your business needs coverage of on-the-job injuries.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

The entire team at Winooski Insurance have done an outstanding job of providing insurance coverage for my company. This is not always easy, as each project has to be reviewed by Winooski Insurance to verify that we have the required coverages.

David Bogue, President
Professional Construction Inc.

David Bogue, President

I have had my company insured with Winooski insurance for more than five years now. They are a valued partner in protecting my business property, employees, and vehicles. From the top dog, Jeff Mongeon, through their entire team, they are professional and responsive.

David Evarts, President
Flooring America

David Evarts, President

The team at Winooski Insurance provides our companies with value added services to ensure we are protected from all angles. They have helped us solve a number of complex problems and their service is always friendly and quick. Winooski Insurance is a valued and important part of our team.

Robert Murano, Jr., President
Mansfield Housing Group

Robert Murano, Jr., President