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Winooski Insurance is changing
its name to Polly.

Don't worry, while our name is changing, your service is staying the same.

Big News

That's right,

We're changing our name from Winooski Insurance to Polly.

You may have already noticed changes in new documents coming directly from your insurance carrier.

Check Out The New Brand

To be clear, this is only a name change.

Your carrier, coverages and premiums remain intact. Your agent and account management team remain the same too, although the company name on their business cards will change.

There has been no change in ownership.

Mission Driven

We’re guided by our mission to make the process of buying insurance inherently simple, and brimming with unexpected value. As such, our skilled agents will continue to offer you consultations that help you best manage your risk – leaving you more time to manage the operations of your business and to enjoy all that you’ve earned.

No Action Required

There are no actions you need to take in response to this name change.

You'll Begin Seeing Polly More

If you haven’t already seen them, going forward your carrier will provide documents with Polly listed as your agent. This typically happens near the time of policy renewal or if you have other interactions with them.

  • Renewal documents
  • Billing documents
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Policy documents

Very soon we’ll also be merging the website into the website. In fact, if you’re interested in obtaining personal insurance for your non-business needs is a great place to start.

Jeff Mongeon

Polly Has Your Back

While we have 40+ highly regarded insurance carriers we’re happy to represent, our agents and account teams work for YOU.

We want you to experience something better than you ever expected. Something you can trust.

Thank you for being our client.


Jeff Mongeon

Founder & Head of Carrier Relations