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Customer Reviews

The level of service and professionalism I’ve received from Jeff and the experienced professionals at Winooski Insurance is unparalleled. I’m grateful to have been referred to Winooski Insurance and truly feel like I have a business partner, not just an insurance company.

Cherian Philip, CFO
Aspenti Health

Cherian Philip, CFO

The entire team at Winooski Insurance have done an outstanding job of providing insurance coverage for my company. This is not always easy, as each project has to be reviewed by Winooski Insurance to verify that we have the required coverages.

David Bogue, President
Professional Construction Inc.

David Bogue, President

I have personally and professionally used Winooski Insurance for over 15 years. The staff is efficient, the service is excellent, and they work hard to keep the premiums low. I highly recommend Winooski Insurance!

Mark Chaffee, Senior Loan Officer
Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp.

Mark Chaffee, Senior Loan Officer